Okay I know it’s been some time. But I’m still glad that people DO check back to this blog now and then…

.. only to be disappointed. -_- MEH. FEAR NOT! AN UPDATE HAS ARRIVED. πŸ˜€

Last Wednesday, Qing (my roommate from Malaysia as well!) and I dragged our lazy butts down to Orchard for theΒ Nike Flagship Store run. The Nike fellas in Singapore came up with this group called Team Fatbird (long story) and they gather to run a 5k route on every first and third Wednesday of the month (:Β 

Every session is pretty intimate, with only a little more than 20 people. So its a pretty close group, consisting of mostly adult runners as you will later see in the pictures haha. We were given a briefing, stretched and headed out to the roads by about 6.30pm. (:

Some of the Team Fatbird guys were really encouraging along the way! (: The dude up top was super friendly and came to talk to Qing and I while we were huffing and puffing our way through traffic lights haha.

Another cool thing about the run was that they allowed runners to try out new shoes from the Nike store itself! (: Haha, while Qing and I maintained our reservations about running 5K with new shoes, others dived at the opportunity to test out the newest technologies from Nike, such as the Barefoot shoes and Nike Zoom+Β :D (You can totally see all the lime green soles along the way)

The run itself was pretty good! I loved how the route had changing scenery everywhere we went!Β :D From Wisma Atria to Botanical gardens was about 2k, with traffic light stops intermittently. Pacing was good too, since most of them were running at training pace. Most of them maintained casual conversations along the way while Qing and I were hooked up to our Mp3s, trying valiantly not to die.Β :D

At 3.3k mark at the Botanical gardens, we stopped to take a photo!Β :D Haha, don’t really know what to say now actually. The route in Botanical gardens was hell-ish, actually. The slopes came at the most untimely sessions – when Qing and I were most tired thanks to our 2.4k training that taught us little about pacing ourselves. TSK. Anyway, the run back was near fantastic, with all the cars whizzing by us. I’ve always loved running in the city, especially with all the bright lights from the cars and malls. Heh. There’s just something very endearing about watching things move.Β :D

Though, I think the best part of the run was that all of us made it through together!Β :D We left as a team, and ended as a team!Β :D And Qing’s best part happened AFTER the run when we realised that they catered Subway sandwiches and cookies as refreshments. YUMMΒ :D

Thank you Team Fatbird! (: I’m sure this will not be the last you see of us!Β :D

Their next run is scheduled to be on 17th June! Registration is open now, and it’s completely free. See you there next week?Β ;) Btw, do drop us a comment if you’re into running, was once into running or anything related! πŸ˜€

with love,

Scandal Scandal.

May 8, 2009

Whats the difference between gossip and scandal you ask?

Gossip can well create a day’s worth of buzz, but scandal on the other hand lasts way much longer and is much more buzz worthy. And for gossip to truly birth a scandal, it requires the right person at the wrong time and place.

This scandal first was enclosed to about just a group of his closet friends, or so he thought. You cant keep a good scandal down you know, the rumor mill keeps turning as it seems. One lead to another till most of the school discovers his deep dark secrets.

So whats this big scandal that everyone’s been raving about at school today you ask? You may ask any other student in the school, the answer will be the same, the infamous Calvin Chee and his dirty photos.

It was found out and exposed to the light just yesterday as Calvin known for his bad boy image and open talk on sex got caught trying to snap a picture of a girl from the bottom of her pinafor. Turns out, it was more than once you see, it was many many of girls that fell into the trap due to his quick snap and good camera lighting (assuming of course).

We all can assume that he’s been at this for quite sometime considering the amount of the pictures he had stored on his phone, rumour has it even the popular IT Girl of the school Emily Ching was captured in this hideous scandal. The amount of pictures you ask? Uncounted as some says, but the source is still unconfirmed.

The details was enclosed as much as possible so that the image of Seafield could be maintained, but the culprit was caught while doing his usual devious buisness with a girl by a teacher this time. The culprit would have gotten away with it the way he has been for who knows how many times, but this time, for some reason, god probably has made his decision that this boy already had too much fun with his camera, therefore, the lighting of the camera was off, but the desperate boy was not giving up, therefore, he was forced to kicked it up a notch and used flash. That was the final nail of his coffin, teachers swarmed, and escorted him to the vice headmistress, but he was asked to wait outside the office, then he quickly erased some of the many photos he had on his phone.

Apparently, not quick enough, Pn.Chong the vice headmistress was able to proof that the boy was definitely up to no good, and till then he got gantung-ed from school. Brother of Clement Chee and Carlson Chee, Calvin Chee definitely does not deserve the title “Troop Leader” in scouts next year unlike his past brothers have.

So what will become of his ever popular reign with girls and reputation in scouts? For me, i just think that total social embarrasment would fit him well. As for the title Troop Leader, i wouldnt count on it, who would want a perverted captain anyways? (although scouts attire is all T-shirt and pants)

As for me, I was just glad i got a scandal that could probably last for weeks. Look out calvin, something wicked this way comes.


February 27, 2009

Woah, it’s been so long since the last post! Anyways, one of my sister is either so occupied with exams, homework, tutorials, council and so on that she can’t catch the breath or even think of what to type on this family blog. On the other hand, my other sister is probably lazy to type or think of anything to update.

You’d be very blur if you didnt know who was typing this post wouldn’t you? For those who are still blur, I’m justin. Just an identification check so you fellow readers dont get mixed up. I do hope there are still readers.

Well, to start off, i just finished my monthly test 2 weeks ago. It has been a whirlind of adrenaline to get back to that exam mode truth be told, but in that sudden silence of the last test paper, i realise in about 10 minutes and 32 seconds the teacher would be announcing that the time was up and everyone would relax but me.

I realise that i was this much closer to my PMR Examinations, the thought of that made me stare into space blank, hoping, dreaming, prayying that time would seize, for eternity. I would be satisfied. I wouldn’t be happy that my life or anyone else life would be moving on, i know that’s very selfish to say, but the truth was i was scared, i was petrified sitting in an examination room, taking an exam that could make or break my life, that would probably and ultimately decide what i would grow up to become. How could i not panic? I lay awake on my bed at night, if ocassionally i had the time or energy, i would think of what i would be in the next 10 months, right about the time the results of PMR will be announced.

I’d bet i’d have jitters, and butteflies in my stomach no doubt. It’s like the water is at chin length, and i’m gasping for air every minute. It’s not just one subject, but all. Even one of my strongest subjects like english, i would doubt myself, and ask myself :”what happens if they ask the theme of Phantom of Opera? I totally forgot about that, what was that again?” I would think while i flipped franctically over the pages of what i would assume as a refrence book. It’s nerve racking for me to actually worry about a subject which i claim to be one of my strong subjects, and one which i would ace for sure. I wished i’d have the gut to have confidence, strength, endurance to have total faith that i wouldn’t panic and flip out in the middle of the test. It’s scary to feel like you have no hold on not even a single subject even on your best subject, it’s like you’re never going to be prepared, cause you don’t know what they will ask. Isit going to be Theme? Moral Values? Settings? Characters? Which was it? Even after sleepless nights of studying the same book over and over again, i won’t have total confidence i can answer all the question without doubt of the answer being wrong.

You see joy, you see happiness in those eyes, but deep down everyone of them are hiding, shielding or plainly not facing the fact that the threat was looming.Β  Teachers advise and try to calm us, but the jitters will keep on coming. We may hide it, weΒ  may deny it, we may never want to confront the truth.

What i do is simple, everynight, i let my mind wander free for a mere 2 minutes and 47 seconds, i listen to “Bella’s Lullaby” as it plays on my phone, with just the perfect volume and the perfect silence which exists in my room for that 2 minutes and 47 seconds. I lay awake with my eyes wide open and i lay in silence here the echoes of what used to be in this parallel world which i have created for myself everynight, and i wish for patience, grace, love, strength and endurance to make it past this. For that 2 minutes of 47 seconds, i would lay awake, having hope, faith and trust of how simple it all used to be, but letting all that go is truly the toughest part, of knowing whats to come and facing it head on and with grace, endurance, patience and strength i move foward just a bit more everynight. That’s the part that really sucks.

seeing things through a different kind of lens.

sometimes a change in perspective is good.

Moment of Clarity.

January 15, 2009

As I lie awake in the wee hours of the morning, being the insomniac that defines me lately, it suddenly hit me, right between my eyes, smack in the middle of my face. Metaphorically speaking anyway. I’m here. Physically. Not there. Not where everyone that I love will be at, in a couple of weeks. Not home. It had hit me only just then. I’m not going to remember this year’s CNY celebration at home, because I’m not going to be there. Not to be overly-dramatic, a wave of melancholy hit me. So many things that I would be missing. So many things that I won’t be able to share with my family this year.

Hanging out right before the CNY’s Eve dinner, probably fooling around with Jere-Bear(even made up a new name for Jeremy. Like Claire-Bear, no? I like it.)

Lounging in ah ma’s room with the air-conditioning on full blast, probably watching the dvds I would have bought at discount prices at Summit.(Feminine wiles, gotta flaunt it if you have it. *winks*)

Waiting for the ever-so-fun cousins to arrive so CNY can be a BOMB.

ZOMG not to miss out, yearly tradition of uhm, distribution of money via exciting ‘games’. (Don’t have to be so obvious, right? LOL)

Singing karaoke, probably ending up chatting till dawn with the funky monkeys in the family that makes life a little funnier, so much more brighter.

‘Helping out’ with the preparation of food, possibly stealing a large portion of it away to be stored uhm, elsewhere in my tummy. (Oops. I’ve been discovered!)

Making ‘kuehs’ with the female power groups in ah ma’s kitchen, out in the open, with the oil bubbling, making crackling sounds and everybody going, ‘Ooh! You have to do it this way!’

Waking up late and having Ah Chik go all sarcastic on me, ‘Wah! Wake up so early today!’ when it’s already like 10 or something.

So many things. I’ve always been so fanatical about Chinese New Year. It’s the only time when I get to see all the favourite people in my life, all in one room. Family. It used to mean, people that I could count on, no matter what the problem is. Even though sometimes, when they screw you over and you go all, ‘Screw YOU!’ because you’re so so so dissapointed, and because you expected more, because you expected to mean more to them than trivial daily obligations, because you think you deserve more, for being there after all this time. Being family though, makes it seem like, you’re with them forever. You’re never going to quit them and leave. You’re always going to be there for them whenever you need them. Maybe this is why family, more often than not, sell you short. Because they’re family. Nothing can destroy that bond. And they were right. Dissapointments came, wave after wave, and yet, here I am, still here for them, still wishing that they would realise, how much each and everyone of them means to me.

Every word spoken, every gesture shown, every thought given. It all matters. It’s a measure of how much we care about each other. How far are we able to bend over backwards, for the sake of this binding word – family. How far are we willing to go, to make sure that our family, stays intact, no matter what plagues us at any time at all. To what extent are we willing to sacrifice, just to make anyone in the family feel special, loved and thought of. Every interaction, every promise made(kept, or unkept), every thought dedicated, basically, every single second that we spend on keeping this family together. It all accummulates to something.

I, credit the person that I am, to my family. Sure, I’m not perfect, I acknowledge my flaws(but am doing nothing to eliminate them because I am human and I accept that I have flaws. Well, no, I just couldn’t be bothered. Hahahaha.) But for all the goodness in me, it comes from the people that I call family. Forgiveness and grace, from all the women in the family. I know that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, and believe me, I have been scorned over and over again, but I’ve learnt that it pays off to be a bigger person(no, not literally) and choose forgiveness. Humour and a sense of free spirit, from my uber sexy and smashing cousins(okay and siblings, MOMO NO SEXY!!) I’ve had the best times of my life with these idiots(yes, idiots, but they’re MY idiots), just being who we are without having to keep up false pretences that everything is okay if everything is not. Being silly and creative to make our limited time together memorable. I actually still have a video of what we were up to at Genting at 5am in the morning with Shaunnies and Charlesies. Might post it up later if I figure out how to make the bluetooth thing in this demented laptop of mine work again. Courage and ambition, from the men in the family. All the things that they put themselves through, for the sake of providing for their family, making sure that their children will never have to go without anything in life.

There I go, babbling away again.Β  I don’t get it. Why is it so hard to admit that I miss being home, surrounded by the people I love to bits? Is it because that deep down inside, I’m scared that nobody noticed that I’m not there? Is it because I’m scared to show that they mean so much to me?(to cynical people, it would mean that I am relinquishing power over me to them, because when you care about somebody, you’ll do anything for them, and they might just use you, because you care about them) Is it because I just want to know that people care for me, even if I don’t really show how much they mean to me?

I don’t know. Mind boggling thoughts.

One thing I do know is that, I do miss home. I do miss my family.

I’d want nothing more than to be able to go home and just celebrate this yearly tradition of ours, but I have obligations to attend to here. I know that this is the choice that I’ve made. This is the path that I have to go through. This is my life, for the next 4 years at least.

But it doesn’t mean that life goes by without a single day of wondering, what is changing, back at the faraway land that I call home?

I love you guys, so much.

Oh look, it’s dawn.

Growing up and moving out of home surely is quite an experience. It’s amazing to see the outside world and fend for yourself; there’s nothing quite like taking a step out of the protective shell that is home. However, what I find more interesting is the experience of going home/spending some time back in your own home.

To kick off 09, this post shares my personal encounters (completely true on all accounts) in this list – 09 signs that show that you’ve been away for longer than you thought. (Yes, it’s a mouthful.)

1) When you get back home and try to activate your old SIM card, it says ‘out of order’.

2) People back home tell you that you speak with a funny accent – though that can also be due to excessive exposure to all things American/British/insert country of choice.

3) You walk around the supermarket you’ve also shopped at since you were a little kid, and can’t find that bottle of shampoo at it’s usual spot on aisle B3.

4) When you reach home, the first thing you reach for is your cable TV (this applies strictly to scholars only though.)

5) When you walk around in your own home, you start noticing the little changes around the household that people generally assume has already been there since 21983491283 years ago. (DAD! Wasn’t the car we had gold in colour?)

6) Everything in your old room smells funny.

7) Every shampoo bottle in your old bathroom is almost empty. The same goes for toilet rolls!

8) Your mom cooks the special menu instead of the usual fried kway teow with fried eggs for lunch and dinner alike!

9) The government of your residence offers you permanent citizenship.

Hey Guys, Considering that, non of my sisters have posted this, i will do the honours of posting it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May good health and happiness always be with you. Best wishes from Lim Family. =)

3 Days at Phuket

December 17, 2008

What on earth is SIDE SEAing?

Unlike how drowsy and groggy I was, the car engine sounded a clear and resounding roar and beckoned me out of bed as we rushed to the airport, hauling luggage and hand carried bags of items intended to be used as in-flight entertainment.

And off we go, with the street lights as the only beacons of light that illuminated the ebony night, to the airport, and to Phuket, Thailand!

Forget about in-flight entertainment. All we wanted at this point was our stomachs entertained with food, and some shut eye. Well, one thing I’ve learned is that, always pack your own food on board Air Asia, even if they say “outside food is disallowed”. It practically is daylight robbery to charge RM21 for 2 bowls of instant noodles and 2 cups of milo – and they didn’t even bother to embellish it with pretty airline bowls so that we can’t tell it’s instant noodles!

After renting a car at an agency near the airport which looked almost illegal, we headed off to Kamala Beach Resort to check in. By this point, Mum and I were STARVING, because I konked out on the plane and missed the wonderfully extortionistic breakfast, and because mum was frugal enough to want to remain hungry until we get free breakfast from the hotel buffet. πŸ˜€
And well, Dizie was hungry too. Well, he always is. (:

So we sang in the car to distract ourselves! πŸ˜€

Upon pulling into Kamala Beach Resort, we caught a whiff of the buffet spread and hurried up to load our luggage into the rooms and tucked in… until we found out that breakfast was not included in our room booking charge for the day of check in. Oops. πŸ˜€


My idea of the perfect holiday is to spend time relaxing – to not worry about having my things stolen, or to have woes of getting to a certain destination without getting lost again, or to wonder when would be the next meal – and Phuket was really the best place to do that.

And so I lounged by the pool on one of those tanning chairs with the rest of the pack of European tourists who were hungry to soak up a winter’s supply of sun as company.

And occasionally, when it got too hot, I jumped into the pool to cool off a little (: It was truly one of the most relaxing afternoons I’ve had all year. The cherry on top of the delightful afternoon was the fact that I successfully tanned up by a little! – this is amazing achievement for someone who fails to get even the slightest tan from kayaking trips in OBS when everyone else gets sunbaked like lobsters. Like hello, 5 days of kayaking under the bright, shiny sun and NOTHING! Gosh.

If you google up Phuket’s tourist attractions, the first thing to turn up would be FantaSEA. It is the “MUST-CATCH” show for anyone who bothers setting foot on this sunnier than Singapore island. After a good day tanning and swimming, we headed down to the Golden Kinaree for a sumptuous buffet.

The buffet gloats of 40 thousand renowned chefs, preparing mouth-watering international cuisine; I was skeptical when I read that on the brochure, thinking, “Really? 40 thousand chefs? for 20 Malaysian ringgit per head? Are they trying to get themselves ripped off?”

.. and I still am. I swear, you would probably find a little more than 4 chefs preparing food in an overtly oily kitchen that uses pots and pans dating back to the Malaysian colonial times.
The buffet spread wasn’t impressive. Unlike the dynamic ornation the seats and setting were, the buffet spread had barely 30 dishes, with things you could find everywhere else – I’m talking about Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, Sushi Rolls, Green Curry Fish Balls.



You can’t ever visit any part of Thailand and miss their Elephants! They were indeed the grandest (physically and metaphorically speaking, of course) attraction in FantaSEA. Though, however well people them up and feed them, I still can’t help but feel a pang of guilt and a dash of melancholy seeing these supposedly venerable creatures being held under our leashes and have to walk and sit on our commands.

Damnit. Yes, I was thinking of the poem we did on Elephants and performing creatures earlier this year in Lit. ):
And so, we fed the elephants.
And they posed for us.
And we took some photos.
And made our parents take some photos, before we headed into the theatre to wait for the “MUST-CATCH” show to begin. For the record, I was highly sceptical about the show, as well. Having been to many of these shows ranging from “The Thousand hands of the Guan Ying Pu Sa” in Beijing to “Jumping Dolphins” in Australia, I was not a terribly big fan of these 2 hours long performances whose aims, other than to entertain their overcharged customers, were completely hazy. Though despite my sceptical view, the FantaSEA show proved to be quite spectacular with elephants cruising in as an opening scene. They were in such proximity, they could make you go ‘WHAT!’ The acts were… interesting to say the least. There were magic acts, crowd participation, and acrobat performances! The acrobatic action was breathtaking, though! Perhaps the best of the load of uh, things, they did.

If you don’t mind a fairly hazy plot, and just want to watch fireworks and people on ropes and animals – you can check it out for a good RM 100 per adult, inclusive of the dinner that precedes the show itself. Even if you’re not the show type of person, it’s always worth your buck to watch the ever diligent Thai put on a show with such warmth and sincerity.

DAY 2 – 0700
After a bowl of good cereal, and bacon and egg for Dizie, we headed off to visit some of the most renowned beaches in the world. (sendy beach! haha) We were greeted by chopping blue seas as it rocked the boat back and forth, sending sprays of salty seawater in through the window openings. Dizie and I were both going, “Oh gosh, I feel my breakfast coming on!”

While we were making hurling sounds, I think we accidentaly triggered an upset stomach in one of the other passengers as a Taiwanese girl clad in a bikini suit hurled towards the back of the boat. And yes, after that incident, we stopped making hurling sounds. The sight wasn’t pretty. at all.


I felt extremely dumb when the tour guide Ms. Linda, who was clearly physically male but mentally female, introduced us to our first activity of the day – snorkelling. I felt extremely dumb not because I didn’t anticipate this, but rather, because despite clearly noting the itinerary, I didn’t pack for it. So down I went in, dressed in my Nike Human Race shirt with a life vest strapped on tight on my virgin attempt at snorkelling.

You know how you always see in the advertisements where people go into the sea and snorkle; they usually see all these beautiful corals and amazingly clear water and schools of fishes just swimming by?

Yeah, it was something like that… except for the fishes (there was only one school of fish. i think they were on holiday or something.), and the beautiful corals (they were so deep down under, and because the water was so dark and unlit towards the bottom, we could hardly see any).

Not only did I drink a heck lot of salt water trying to breathe through the mouth piece, I was dragged down multiple times by my aquaphobic brother. To be honest, I could understand the fear of drowning, especially in the sea where the depth is unknown. I wasn’t that much afraid because of that quary jump we did at OBS – from then on, I have had vested good faith in life jackets and know that they never fail. πŸ˜€


After a fruitful 25 minutes of snorkeling, I have 2 tips for those who want to attempt:
1) Beware of Jellyfishes, no matter how small they may seem. OR in other words, Don’t touch anything you don’t recognize!
There was a kid on board who got stung by a jellyfish, and I swear, you could see him turning purple. Oops.

the hurling taiwanese girl is in the top left corner of the picture!

2) Always, ALWAYS pack for spare change of clothes and TOWELS when you intend to snorkel.
I was left shivering, had a horrible taste of salt water in my mouth, smelled really really bad (almost like pee only less salty) and was on the verge of puking, with much thanks to the rocking boat. So yes, prepare for these. Thank goodness Daddy lent me his shirt to keep warm from the clutches of the violent sea breeze as we coast along bays like James Bond Bay where they shot one of the JB movies about 20 years ago; we visited a bay where they shot ‘The Beach‘ with Leonardo Dicaprio as well.

thats, daddy shirtless and mummy with her mannn braving the winds. ZIS IS FOR YOUU, NIAN YING!

After unpleasant hours on the rocking boat, we made a pit-stop at Monkey island. And obviously, when an island is named after an animal, you can expect it to be populated by the same animal.

and obviously, they must be skilled enough to open a pepsi bottle to be credited an island with their species name branded on it. πŸ˜€ Dizie kept asking me, at this point, whether monkeys get sugar highs. -_-

this is mummy and her half frightened, half excited expression upon being in such close proximity with a monkey! πŸ˜€

daddy and mummy – i like this photo!

attempted star jump shot by Dizie.

dad and dizie in green. πŸ˜€

hahah and this was taken after much request from me for daddy to do his Daniel Craig, Casino Royale walk from the sea debut. haha! ahhh, i love their seasss!


Lunch was in order, after much sight-seeing, monkey-seeing and taiwanese-girl-hurling. Buffet spread again; honestly, i was really starting to doubt Thailand’s status as having an eclectic selection of food. Before lunch, mum, dizie and I hopped by the nearest shirt store to get something dry for me to change into -and we got a black sundress! πŸ˜€ hee hee. tried on like a thousand and one dresses before we bought it LOL.


A relaxing day at the beach.

Daddy and mummy were sleeping in the shade, while Dizie and I tried to entertain ourselves for the 2 hours we spent at Khai Island. I went snorkelling again for a bit, and got a splinter in my toe. D: I was honestly annoyed at how there was really NOTHING to see down there – stop telling us we can snorkel there just because there are no sharks!

Oh, and it didn’t help that those little kids (probably from one of the Asian countries) went around screaming AHH THERES A SHARK THERES A SHARK! ITS GREY! ITS COMING! For the first time I heard it, I actually believed them and swimmed upshore ASAP. Then, when I was greeted by a bunch of squealing kids running about tickling each other, screaming its a shark! its a whale! its a monkey with a pink tail!, I decided to continue snorkeling ANYWAY. Take my chances.

oh god forbid, if I actually do get eaten up by a shark, it’ll be the kids’ fault.

after which, I pulled a Lilo* under the suggestion of Diziekins, and went around snapping photos of random strangers on a beach.

*To pull a Lilo is to hold a camera on a beach and take random pictures of random strangers no matter how invasive it seems. With reference to the movie Lilo & Stitch and the character Lilo. Exhibit A of a photo from a Lilo-stunt.
Exhibit B
Dizie fell in love with this baby and kept asking me to take a photo her in the car on the way back to the resort.. and kept insisting that it was BOY.

Exhibit C
totally hot fedora hat guy playing ball on the beach. omg this is for you, jolene! :D:D

Exhibit D


wonderful desserts at Lai Mai!

The evening was spent at Patong Beach; after dining at the ever most exquisite Lai Mai restaurant where you really do get the most bang for your buck, we roamed around the streets of Patong beach for some bargain hunting. It is really a haven for bargain hunters who derive joy from slashing prices by half or three-quater.

Mum and I had a real kick from buying knock off chanel and gucci shades. πŸ˜€ Though Patong Beach is well-known for its congested streets with tourists inundating the scene, there wasn’t much elbowing going around when we were there. It’s been a low tourist season, mentioned by most stall holders we’ve spoken to.. with much thanks to the instability in the mainland.

Day 3
It was a day of massages and relaxation – we went down to the beach to get massages while Dizie locked himself in for some good ol’ fashioned TV.
Afterwhich, we made a trip down to Jungceylon Shopping Centre for some sushi lunch at Fuji!
Fuji is a MUST VISIT place, totally recommended by yours truly.

They serve generous portions at a very reasonable price! Bento sets for RM 22 and I bet you, it’ll taste better than Sushi King, Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi or whatever it is that serves your jap meal. πŸ˜€ Meals come with free parking for 3 hours and coffee or tea, and fruits. πŸ˜€

Our shopping buys include:
– New specs for Justin and Mum (authentic Dior, baby!)
– 2 Pairs of coloured contacts for me (though you can totally not tell that they are coloured, at all.)
– Free reading glasses for Daddy
– A pair of New Balance shoes for my running endeavours! πŸ˜€
– T-shirts (they are like, staple shopping items!) for Justin and Daddy
– Stuff for Joe and NY (we didn’t forget you! :D)
And some other stuff. Hee hee.

All in all, I loved the trip – despite having to haul Dizie out of bed at hours late into the day! – its been so long since I’ve truly spent carefree moments with my family and this trip was perfect. Sometimes, I can’t help but think that in a few years time, we wouldn’t be able to do this. Dad and mum would be marching into their early fifties and I’ll hopefully be overseas for academic pursuits. Nian Ying’s already gone :/ If I could pick one moment to freeze time, I would wind back to a few years before this – before we were all spreaded out in different countries – and freeze it all right there.

Aging sucks.


November 25, 2008

\UPDATED 27TH NOVEMBER 2008. Pink updates from MEL πŸ˜€

Stupid mooks, take my colour, nevermind I shall go red! Shit, I don’t know how to go red. NEVERMIND I SHALL GO ITALIC! – Steph (you’re welcome, pookies. :D)
P.S I have reorganized the post a little so that it’s more systematic. Don’t look at me that way, I know I have OCD. Rawr. -ny

Justin: Updated 02/12/2008 Black will be my colour as usual. (PS: I added some people to the dedications list, those include Uncle Daniel & Uncle Harvey’s Family, as usual, hopefully Aunt Mary will tell us the proper names for them which include – Pui Ye Ye, Her Mum, dad and a brother whose name escapes me but i know he’s coming back from U.S, Ohh, also Uncle Chung. LOLS. Is that even right? or is it Chong?Β  that sounded even weirder)

Hey fellow readers, Justin here to bring you new and long awaited blog post.

Well this will be a post filled with dedications and thanks to all my cousins (PS: I might miss out some, so sisters i expect to detect it and edit it for me =D)

Po Tai:

Yes, if you’re wondering why the font seems bigger, because i made it bigger. I guess we owe it to her since she did such a wonderful job by raising so many great kids and now she has Great grandkids! Anyways, i remember when i learnt about world war II, my teacher told us to go home and ask if our grandmother’s remembers about it or not. Shockingly ah ma told me she was there but she was still a toddler, and i kept on picturing Po Tai at World War II. Wow, she has really great experiences.


Yeah, i know she might not even read this, but it’s the thought that counts. Well, she’s your typical overbearing grandmother which i will never wish to replace. Being overprotective and not too overprotective at the same time. Am i making sense at all?

Ah ma is wonder woman for raising all our aunts and uncles up (and of course for raising daddy, hur!) πŸ˜€ SHUDDUP DIZIE. I know you want to thank her most for the pork balls she makes whenever she comes over; they never fail to make you salivate from the kitchen to the room (part of the reason is because you bring it TO your room, you see.)

OMG! AH MA! The matriarch of the family, the one who brings us all together under one roof! I LOVE YOU! WO AI NI! tolong translate please. xD THE ONE WHO MAKES THE BEST BEST BEST pork stomach soup(sorry, don’t know how to say that in english) omg I’m salivating. Shizzzz. Better stop talking about food. Anyway, she’s the best grandmother in all of the world! That should about sum it up! =p

Uncle Calvin:

This Uncle indeed, is evil. Just Joking. In Blackjack he’s merciless though. He lies a lot and takes all of our money, but he’s fun to be around compared to some dealers that just lose on purpose just so we can win.

Oooh Uncle Calvin. Another joker(we have so many of those in our family. o.o) Never fails when it comes to being funny. However, he has his serious side too. I remember Simon was(or still is?) very scared of him. xD

Aunt Grace:

1 Word. BANKER. Especially during chinese new year. Although she’s been out of action the past few years and let other aunts/ uncles take over her rightful duty! In general, she’s a really cool aunt in so many levels. =D

My JB aunttt. Hahah, thats how my friend remembers you as. I think the deepest impression I have of you… would be your car; the one stock-filled with biscuits and cup noodles and what nots. SO PREPARED! D: And just like Aunt Mary, you make delissshh food too!

Oooh. My friends know you as the mother of my uber funny cousins – Charles and Shaunnie! Should I give you another identity? xD The one who makes the BEST pineapple cookies ftw!!! Hands down, you’re the best! Gimme your secret recipe! xD


Well, he’s the first guy i thought of. (Be proud man) Anyways, he’s the one who always cheers everyone up during the festive seasons or even when he comes around my house. Always cracking us up with his somehow funny yet lame jokes =D

I think Charles reminds me of Charlie Brown from Peanuts. πŸ˜€ He’s hilarious in person. Big man with a big heart to match, yo.

OMG, my fav person when it comes to name-calling! His name is so….DIVERSE! Somehow, he’s one of my closest relative, I remember the night that we slept in the same room(nothing gross happened mind you), and we talked, really talked about everything under the sun. It’s good to have you as a cousin CHARLESIE!! ❀


Shaun’s incredibly weird and will avoid using any money in any way possible. hahas. just joking, although it’s nice having him to clean up seafood we all refuse to eat. Putting that aside, he’s a cousin that i dont think anyone can ever replace.

HEE. SHAUNIE is the epitome of lameness (and only in CHINESE!) It’s incredible how he can switch from being crazily nonsensical to speaking of worldly issues in that ponderous tone. Though somehow, this humour of his (like his brother) does not transcend beyond their day to day demeanour. ): Its hard to sustain a conversation with them online; i wonder why!

Shaunniiiiieeeees! xD the one that’s forever making me laugh! I can never fully describe all those weird situations we’ve been in, particularly during that genting trip where you, Charles and I went to some coffee shop at what? 3 am in the morning? and created one of the most silly games I’ve ever played – TRUTH OR DARE STYLE: CHO TI! I wonder why we never play that anymore….


Being the sharpay of the school (Non HSM fans wont understand.), she basically helps a lot of couples to get together, I’m actually quite shocked at this fact. i’ve only found out this year i think, my instant reaction was like, “Rightttt”, but she does have the same traits as his older brother shaun. Keep the match making going sister, making the world better with loveeee. =D

I am personally not very close to her. But when she was younger, I used to help her count her cards in Blackjack!:D:D:D

Sharon! xD omg i still can’t believe you play maple. Shit la don’t turn into a m-erd like my brother. (Maple-nerd) promise me!!!


SIMON! A boy who grew so much taller than me over 1 year. Sighs. I’m really short. Anyways, he’s a great friend / cousin, but maybe he needs to get more mature? Well i shall give it time. He’s after all younger than me.

HAHAHAH when i read what Justin wrote, I laughed out loud (yes, lol-ed.) You two are not that different, you know. (: Simon’s quirkiness is hilarious! His little actions always make me wince in confusion and when I finally decide to forget about deciphering it, I realise it’s darn funny heee hee! (I think your entire family is a very interesting one, come to think of it :D:D)

Simon, another adorable little boy who’s turning into a ‘handsome young man”. According to spies, he’s had lots of girls going after him and asking him out to some ‘bay’ to have a sexy time(ew because i’m your cousin, ew) I have just noticed that we have a lot of really cute people in our family xD

Uncle CCP:

I remember him scaring me with his teeths when i was younger, and telling me if i dont sleep by 12am he would come my house and bite me. Although the distance between ipoh and Subang Jaya was so far, somehow i was foolish enough to belive him. Till one day i forgot to sleep before 12am and he didnt come. So the next chinese new year, i asked him why he didnt come and find me, somehow i cant remember what was his respond.

LOL! I’m sure what the kids will always say – you got vampire teeth!! He will then act the part and attempt to scare them. Note: attempt. Geez, kids these days are so full of spunk. Never seem to be scared of anything. Anyway, a wise man with broad insight. who’s never short of any advice to give out, especially in education and such. Respect!

Aunt Mary:

Incredible cook, Incredible mom and even more incredible aunt. Always delighting us with her baking / cooking during Chinese New Year, thats probably the thing i look foward to the most.

I will always remember her attempt to teach us how to bake her ab fab (absolutely fabulous) brownies! (in which she did like 90% of the work. hee.) Our job is to eat. And observe. Occasionally.

Oooh. Aunt Mary xD the one who’s always giving me good advice on life – in general(don’t be so nosy) An aunt who’s always worrying about her two boys(more about those 2 later) and doing such a good job raising her only daughter, the adorable chi ern. Kudos to you!

Did Thien / Did Sing:

I shall write them both together. yay. Well i’m not really close to them so i cant really comment on them. Well on the other hand, my sister might have something to say. =D

I remember having dinner with Thien gor gor once! in KL! after his work and before his futsal. HMM. ANNDD they can sing very well. πŸ˜€ uh, anddd we K together after chinese new year dinners! Amongst the few of us (Charles, Shaunie, Thien Gor Gor, Sing Gor Gor, Steph and I), they are obviously the oldest and the ones who drive and pay – and look KEWLIO. -i apologize for being so uncreative on this; its hard. ):-

ZOMG these 2 jokers. EVERYTIME also FFK me. Say come out yumcha? CAN! In about a year or two la kay? xD Thien gor gor is one of my closest cousin, though now I rarely talk to him, so I don’t really know whats going on in his life, but I know he’s one of the people that I can go to if I need someone to talk to. Sing gor gor. Aiyo. Bloody joker that one. Full of nonsense though sometimes he might look really serious, but he’s a fun guy!

Chi Ern:

Another cousin i dont really have anything to comment on, although i have to say, she’s a REALLY smart kid. So keep on ace-ing those test cousin!

Like Justin mentioned, smart girl! πŸ˜€ who has an obsession with dogs in general. πŸ˜€

Ern ern!! Adorable little girl! I remember, that I was the one that made you like mushrooms, like me! xD LIke ZIES have said, you’re extremely smart and I’m sure that your possibilities are ENDLESS, if you put your mind to it. Oh, on a different note, eat more you skinny stick!

Uncle Benny:

Through the times you tend to carry me up and scare me a lot in the process when i was little, but no more. Although you shock me every now and then.

This uncle of mine has intimidating tattoos on his back. Green tattoos of dragons and stuff; pictures I used to point to when I was little and ask the kindergarten teacher why we don’t see those in zoos. So, you pretty much can imagine why I was freaked out by him when I was little. But then again, times change. πŸ˜€ He’s a good uncle to hang out with – the kind who would phone out of the blue just to say hello. HULLO!

Oooh. I remember coming back from home when I was in what? Standard 4/5? And seeing this man in our USJ 2 house kitchen. He said, ‘Hello, I’m your uncle. I just came back from Taiwan.” I think. xD AND I JUST ACCEPTED IT WITHOUT GIVING IT SECOND THOUGHTS! Now that I think about it, what if it wasn’t my uncle? What if it was some robber? o.o(not that I’m comparing my uncle to a robber), but omg how clueless can I be? One of the best uncles around who spoils me silly! I love you~

Aunt Janet:

She makes quite good conversation actually, we’ve grown closer through the few years. Keep on rocking aunt.

I’ve never really gotten to speak to her much – our conversations are usually in the bus on a China trip when the both of us are sick or something. ): Heard she was down with a serious case of illness earlier this year. Hope everything’s alright. =/

I heard that you’re doing alright now, I hope you’re fine! So sorry that I had to leave before knowing that everything’s gonna be okay, but I know you’re one strong woman. Mother of Jere, thats definitely a handful!


A lot can be used to describe jeremy, well, i think i’ll go with Hyperactive this time. He’s always going up and down all around during Chinese New Year. I know all of you notice it. Overall he’s a good kid, but quite lazy. Well what do you expect? He’s a kid and he’s a boy. Boys dont like to study during primary years. Well at least i didnt. =P Cant speak for the rest of the boys in the Lim Family.

there are, technically, only 2 boys in the lim family DOOD. ADORABLE when he was younger; he makes me feel old SIA. – oh and he’s AMAZING strong for a little boy.

He DEFINITELY makes me feel like I’m OLD. Try babysitting him for an afternoon, you’ll get so exhausted just chasing this bundle of energy around. Ooh, but I can still make him play Transformers on Wii with me. =D Wheee.

Uncle Desmond:

Yeah, Uncle Desmond mahjongs a lot. Ah chik, Uncle CCP and Him play mahjong for the entire day and night. They would even skip dinner sometimes, and there would always be at least 1 chair beside the 3 of them to put their waters they have their kids bring. One thing i noticed is they’re not attentive to their surroundings. A firecracker which was not in sight just blasted off and causing a huge commotion and they would still be looking at their tiles. Amazing. (PS: I didnt mention the whole China thing cause my sister did already and that would be boring wouldnt it? It would be like double posting. Same thing for uncle CCP.)

Hmm, I probably remember you most for playing mahjong like crazy with my dad and ah chik and uncle CCP during Chinese New Year. You guys are crazy! Sit there and play non-stop for like what? A day or two? (Hmm.. I could say the same thing about me and computer games…OOPS, I’ve said too much!) ANYWAY, most of the time he’s in China, so I know that your wife(my aunt) and kids(my cousins) definitely misses you A LOT. But you gotta do what you gotta do, therefore, you have my respect for having the guts to do it. =)

*Same goes to Uncle CCP*

Aunt Chelsea:

She used to scared me a lot when i was a kid. That scary stare she gives at me when i dont finish my food. Sometimes still does. Just joking =P. Overall she’s a really cool aunt when you get to know her, she can crack jokes and be serious at the same time. Bravo Aunt.

Yes, you used to scare me too. Actually still do. (to a smaller degree, though I highly doubt that that extent will ever reduce to zero.) Hahah the hilarious thing about her is Shaunie’s nickname for her – ZHUK ZHUK? (which uh, i think translates to porridge!) πŸ˜€

O.o I have to agree the chuk chuk thing completely made me alienate the whole ‘I’m scared of you’ factor, yo! xD One of the aunties who are most fun and likes to spar with Shaunnie. I shall join you in the attempt to push Shaun till he falls down next time. =D

Kei kei, Ming ming, Zi Ting and Wong Si-fu:

Yeah, i’m writing them in one single dedication, cause i dont really know them very well despite the fact we hang out a lot during Chinese New Year. Well in general i would say they’re chinese orientated, not that it’s a bad thing. =D

Extremely independent, thats what you guys are. Its an awesome trait as I know, being as spoilt as I am, I cannot survive doing all the chores by myself. Quoting myself:”these stuff are for kakak to do’, so you get the idea that I’m uh, not like you guys. *Understatement of the year* But you guys are much fun. =) Honestly.

4thd Uncle & Aunt:

Well, remember i kept on forgetting what to call 3rd Uncle, i always had to ask my mum. =D For 3rd Aunt, i remember my shocking expression when ah ma told me she could MAKE moon cake, i was young then, i always thought only machines can make moon cake. =D

Uncle Harvey:

Thanks for always reading my blog and leaving tremendously long comments (not that i mind, in fact i enjoy). Also, thanks for trying your best to support me and help me through the stuff i write in my blog. =D He seems to be too good of a dealer, losing on purpose, but somehow he’s really lucky, when he got 18 and he went for another card he got a 4 which made us all squel.

Aunt Geck / Geck Jie:

Dont blame me, she’s the one who told me that calling her aunt seems to make her sound old. So Geck jie it is. Although both my sister call her Aunt Geck. I was kinda shocked when i found out Uncle Harvey was marrying someone i have never heard of really, after the whole speech thing about uncle harvey chasing after her so long i’m glad they got married. Yay.

Uncle Daniel:

He’s really creative by inventing such delicious “you tiao”. (Hard to imagine it’s healthy AT ALL) Anyways, according to my sister he’s a really cool uncle although i havent gotten to know him as much as i know uncle harvey though. Also, lately i heard his stall shut down or something? Well i hope he gets back into the game soon. Good Luck and Rock On.

Aunt Pui Yee, Toong Toong, Jeffrey and Danial:

Known for her adorable childrens, one which my sister loves a lot, I think it’s the girl. Right? Anyways, both of them are really cute. =D Shockingly, she speaks really good english although she looks really chinese (When i mean really chinese i meant as in sometimes i see people and i know their really chinese, for instance, Aunt Mary, Aunt Grace looks english and Aunt Chealse looks chinese, I think you get the point, no?) Somehow, whenever i see her, she looks like she just ran a marathon, i guess that’s what happens when you have 2 adorable, energetic kids that run around the house all day right?

Uncle Simon:

Gosh, is that even right? That sounds so weird. Someone correct me please. Anyways, i know he’s really smart. Not such a huge impression on him though. Although i do know he works in Malaysia Hospital. (I was attempting to say he works in the largest goverment hospital in Malaysia)

Uncle Robin:

Another uncle who i dont have a huge impression on. I know he’s been working hard in US. Also, I met him about 2 or 1 year ago? He has an accent which makes it difficult for me to communicate with him. i think the only one that spoke a lot to him was Steph. It was akward for me. LOLS. He’s coming back soon i think.

I PROMISE to post after I hand in my lab report tomorrow!

So much to update on!

Hate procrastination =.=

Oh, I’m Steph by the way. xD